An excerpt from George Winter’s journal regarding Pash Po Ho. Winter was a participant and chronicler of the Potawatomi Trail of Death. 

“Pash Po Ho was an aboriginal gentleman-he was considered the best dressed Pottawattamie Indian in the nation, and was exceedingly graceful when mounted upon his handsomely equipped pony.

“The heavy plated bit-handsome bridle-the nose strap fringed with bright red-the breast strap of great width with numerous tiny bells that jingled as the prancing movement of his steed….

“…the handsome spanish [sic] saddle with plated stirrups pendant. The saddle cloth handsomely ornamented and the girth of many colors interwoven in the web….

How different is the illustration that accompanies this eulogized descriptive account of Pash Po Ho….

In the year eighteen thirty-eight, Pash Po Ho went with the Emigration West of the Mississippi.