I am the newly crowned Potawatomi Princess Dania Wahwasuck. I am granddaughter of Badger and Karen Wahwasuck. My Potawatomi name is Skepgon-ko-kwa and I am Thunder Clan. I was recently crowned the 2015-2016 Miss Potawatomi at the Gathering held in Carter, Wisconsin, hosted by the Forest County Band of Potawatomi.

Being a Native woman in today’s society means a lot to me. I want to represent my people with pride. Women are the backbones of our society and as such we need to hold that title with honor.

We need to be educated, well mannered, know our traditions, family history and culture. Native American women  also need to be great leaders, because in today’s society we are no longer confined to our traditional roles as caregivers. We are able to spread our wings and become whatever we want.

It is my duty as a Native American woman to overcome and exceed negative stereotypes. I am a very proud young Potawatomi woman and as such it is my responsibility to show my peers that we can succeed. Being Miss Potawatomi is truly an honor I will represent my Potawatomi people with pride.