We are keeping busy in the language department. We recently created and made public a self -paced online ‘Beginning Potawatomi I’ course. The address for the course is http://language.potawatomi.org. There is no cost for the course. All you have to do is create an account and then wait for us to confirm you. We have had some issues with an error message being sent out after you create an account. If you get this please ignore it. We are working to get rid of this.

Our networking department has been working with us to make sure all of our videos are streaming, which will allow for faster connections. The program is viewable on any computer or cell phone. We hope that by making Potawatomi more accessible to our members at a time that they can accommodate, it will allow more folks to learn our language and traditions.
Since opening the course, we have had 185 students register and participate. We have folks who have signed in all over the country and some even in other countries.

We are currently working putting the finishing touches on ‘Beginning Potawatomi II.’ We have begun creation of a youth version which we hope will meet the needs of many of you with children to teach your kids some of our language and traditions. Our goal is to finish up the ‘Beginner II’ course by October. We hope to have a version of the kids’ course up by December if not a little before that. The kids’ course will have more games, songs, silly spoofs and cultural teachings for the kids. It will be less structured and simplified in the amount of content.

I hope that folks will share this information with other family who would be interested in the new online course.