This week’s featured items make great gifts for friends and family members wanting to show that Potawatomi Pride all year round. These handmade, beaded Potawatomi bracelets are unique and fashionable for all occasions. They’re not all Potawatomi of course – there’s even some Oklahoma-based school spirit pieces available – but regardless of the theme, these meticulously made accessories are good no matter the occasion. 

FireLake Gift Shop has many items like these at similarly affordable prices which can be seen in our store located inside the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Cultural Heritage Center or online at Be sure to follow our weekly items of the week at


  1.  #3065 / $80.00    Beaded Cuff Bracelet –   Beaded Cuff Bracelet featuring horses running. Green background, multi-color horses. Handmade

  2.  #2883 / $55.00–   Thunder Colored Beaded Bracelet on Rawhide– Blue beaded border with beaded strip of blue diamond shapes on tan background. Multi-color strip across diamonds.

  3. #2883/$55.00-      Beaded OSU Bracelet on Rawhide–  Orange beaded border with OSU featured in white and black beads on orange background.

  4. #2883/$55.00–     Burgundy Beaded Bracelet on Rawhide– Narrow beaded bracelet with burgundy, silver, black and red beads in half diamond design.

  5. #2883/$55.00     Turquoise Beaded Bracelet with feather design– Turquoise background with feather design and dark blue, red, and silver beads.

  6. #2883/$55.00–     Yellow Potawatomi Bracelet  Potawatomi featured in black beads on yellow background with green and purple flowers

  7. #2883/$55.00–   Black Potawatomi Bracelet– Potawatomi featured in white beads on black background with turquoise border and arrows featured at each end in white, gray, and turquoise beads.

  8. #2883/$55.00    Potawatomi Bracelet–  Beaded bracelet with Potawatomi featured in white beads on blue beaded background with red and white beaded accents.

  9. #2883/$55.00–    OU Bracelet-   Beaded bracelet on rawhide with red background. OU featured in white beads with feathers on both ends in traditional four direction colors.

  10. #1535/$35.00-    White beaded OU Bracelet –  OU is featured in red beads on a white background with heart design on both sides of OU beaded on white buckskin.