This week’s items are hand crafted by CPN member Sam Upton. Upton is a self-taught artist who began wood working in 2006, with his wood of choice being burls and any kind of mesquite.

The pens range from $60-90 and are refillable (Cross and Parker refills).

  • .30 caliber bullets with water buffalo horn and white tail deer antler
  • Alligator jaw bone set into black acrylic
  • Python snake skin dyed red and set into acrylic
  • Corn cob dyed red and stabilized with acrylic
  • Laser cut maple part dyed red
  • Laser cut American eagle, dyed
  • Laser cut cross into bethlehem olive wood from the Holy Land
  • Laser cut music inscrpition in maple wood
  • Cane Toad skin
  • Burl wood, brown and gold acrylic    

We’re in the middle of updating our online database, so this weeks’s items are not on our website right now. However, you are encouraged to call and we will gladly process the order over the phone at 405-275-3119. If you haven’t already, visit our online store at and please like our Facebook page where we’ll be offering weekly features and monthly sale items!