On a daily basis CPN Healthy Heart Coordinator and Dietitian, Torie Fuller MS RD/LD, guides patients of all ages on how best to live a healthier life. Through dieting advice to ideas for heart healthy activities, Fuller focuses on being creative and bringing fresh suggestions to those she serves. This year, the CPN dietitian provided recommendations for people of all ages in order for them to have a healthy Valentine’s Day.

“Quality time is one of the most meaningful gifts,” said Fuller. “Bundle up and plan an active outing such as sledding, ice skating or gathering wood for a fire. If you’re feeling really adventurous, plan a date to an indoor rock climbing facility.”

For kids’ Valentine’s Day gifts at school, have them give out boxes of raisins or pretzels. Another idea is to have kids hand out stickers or pencils as gifts. Selecting healthy options instead of processed sweets positively impacts both the giver and recipient.

“One way to slim down portion sizes when you go out to eat is to share one entrée with your date,” said Fuller. “Since most meals at restaurants are enough for two people, splitting a meal will help you to avoid overindulging.”

Choosing seafood over heavy meats is an overall healthier option too. Salmon, mackerel and tuna can be tasty choices that have the right amount of protein with fewer calories.

Lastly, encourage a loved one to a make a change towards a healthy habit. Be an example by ordering a non-fat latte, include more vegetables at dinner or put an end to unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking. A little bit of change goes a long way in the end.

For more healthy ideas for Valentine’s Day or more information on living a healthier life please contact Torie Fuller at tfuller@potawatomi.org.