On Dec. 4, 2014 the CPN Tribal Legislature met with all 13 members present.

The minutes from the body’s last two meetings, a regular session on Sept. 16 and a special electronic meeting on Nov. 14, were approved with unanimous consent.

Several grant applications were approved, including for funding from the Bureau of Indian Affairs for both the Endangered Wildlife Program and Invasive Wildlife Program.

Three resolutions of support by the Legislature passed with unanimous consent. The first supported the CPN Wildlife Warriors project application, while the second resolution requested BIA support of an updated Tribal Long Range Transportation Plan. A final resolution supported the addition of new routes to the CPN’s Road Inventory Field Data System.

CPN’s Tribal Transportation Program was also updated by a unanimous vote of the legislators, while a separate resolution requested the BIA disburse funds currently being held on behalf of the Tribe.

In Tribal membership matters, legislators granted two individuals with conditional relinquishments of their citizenship. Tribal membership did increase however, with the body’s approval for the enrollment of 157 new members into the Citizen Potawatomi Nation.