Though Oklahoma’s 4.5 percent unemployment rate is below the national average, continued economic uncertainty can make finding work difficult, but help is available. CPN’s Employment and Training Program offers career counseling classes to assist participants in their job search.

“It is important to have these classes because there are so many people looking for employment. It may be something very simple that is keeping them from achieving their goal,” said CPN’s Social Services and Intensive Employment Counselor, Gina Bundy.

The classes teach job seekers the basics of applying for work, like how best to fill out an application.

“Some people do not realize that certain things they put on or that are missing from an application that can lead to an interview or go straight to the “no” pile,” said Bundy.   Employment counselors also create scenarios designed to allow students to practice the interview process. The classes also teach best practices when writing resumes, personal budgeting and even how to dress for success.

According to Bundy, the previous two classes have been successful.  More than half of each class has found employment.

“The most rewarding thing that I can see is when we see that light bulb that pops on in their head when they realize that one thing that may change their situation,” said Bundy.

The career counseling classes are offered to eligible participants in the CPN Employment and Training Program. Classes are held every quarter of the year, one day a week for four hours for a total of four weeks.

If you would like more information about these classes please call 405-598-0797 or visit Employment and Training located at 300 E. Walnut in Tecumseh, Oklahoma. Hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon. – Fri.