The CPN Telecommunications Department is in charge of connecting and maintaining secure telephone and internet lines between the Tribe’s enterprises, with most of that work consisting of maintenance tasks or setting up new equipment. However, some days are filled with unexpected jobs that might test the fears of most. For employees Chase Oswald and Gregory Watson, scaling the outside of a 110-foot tower is just another day at the office.chaseandwatsonThe duo recently climbed the CPN water tower located behind the Grand Casino Hotel and Resort. Strapped into a safety harness, Oswald and Watson hung over the edge of the tower in order to take down an airFiber telecommunications dish.

“We only climb this water tower about two to three times a year, so going up there is somewhat of a rare occasion,” Oswald said.

The dish will be moved to the top of the Grand Hotel in order to get a better signal between the hotel and the CPN Mechanical Department.

 “The dish provides high speed internet and telephone service to the CPN Mechanical Department in Bethel Acres, (Okla.),” said Oswald.  “We needed to move the dish because there wasn’t a good connection between it and the mechanical department.”

The important job of keeping the entire Tribal enterprises online keeps the three-man telecommunications crew busy. This is one of the many different aspects of CPN that can be easily overlooked, but creating jobs and staying ahead of the curve in technology is one of the many reasons the Tribe is the number one employer in Pottawatomie County.

For more information contact the IT Department at 405-275-3121.