House of Hope Prevention Coordinator, Amanda Chapman, makes sure that the CPN domestic violence program is being brought forth to the community. One way Chapman raises awareness for the program is through a once a semester lecture on student dating violence to teens at Bethel High School. Chapman educates teens about dating violence through the “The Start Talking; Love is Respect Program.”

“Someone has to be the voice to take a stand to these issues,” explained Chapman. “This program allows us to reach out to the community and local schools to provide education about healthy relationships and the effects of dating violence.”

The House of Hope is in its second year of hosting the class on student dating violence at Bethel High School. To get students more involved, House of Hope sponsored an art contest focusing on domestic violence. Two winners were selected and received gifts complimentary of the House of Hope and FireLake Bowling Center.

Marissa Roberts, a freshman at Bethel High School, was one of the contestant winners. Her piece was selected because of the positive message and its creativity.

“For me it was a great learning experience,” said Roberts. “I did a lot of research for the poster and learned what to look out for in relationships.”

The other contest winner was Katie O’Leary, also a freshman at Bethel High School.

“I’m happy that I was able to participate in this contest,” said O’ Leary. “I hope my photo helps with the awareness of teen dating violence.”

Freshman Health Instructor at Bethel High School, Jennifer Lynch added, “I am excited that the Citizen Potawatomi Nation provides the “Start Talking; Love is Respect Program.” Amanda does a really great job with the students and my class learns so many red flags to watch for in their relationships.”

For more information on the House of Hope, refer to their Facebook page at Citizen Potawatomi Nation Family Violence Program or contact them at 405-275-3176.