The Potawatomi Leadership Program is an opportunity for young tribal members from around the country to take part in a six-week long educational program in Shawnee, Okla. The program strives to give interns an accurate perception of CPN as a whole and cultivate talent from within to ensure that younger generations are prepared for a role in the future governance of their tribe.

Starting this year, PLP applicants will be able to apply to the program at a brand new website, created by the IT Department of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation.

Tesia Zientek, Grants and Contracts Coordinator for CPN, helps out with the PLP during their summer internship, and helped oversee the design and construction of the new site.

“The PLP is an incredible opportunity for young tribal members,” said Zeintek. “I have known every group of students since the first group in 2003, and it’s been amazing to watch the program’s development and now be involved in it. Our hope is that with the new website and online application, more students will become aware of the opportunity, and applying will be easier than ever.”

The user friendly website,, allows individuals to see previous classes, details of the program’s activities and has an online application page for future PLP students. Whether a parent seeking information or tribal youth interested in attending, the website gives everyone an idea of what they need to know.

“Our internship applications have previously go through the mail, which can be a cumbersome process,” said Vice-Chairman Linda Capps. “This year, we decided to put everything online since today’s students are quite technologically capable. Under Tesia’s direction, our excellent website team of Phillip Mustafin and Nathan Hawkins came up with a plan, design and a functioning site in a couple weeks. We look forward to all of the applicants who will use this new tool and hope that it will help connect our members across the country.”

The deadline to apply for the program this year is May 1, 2014.

The dates for participating in the program this year is from June 20 to Aug. 2.

For more information about the program and attending, refer to the PLP website or contact Dennette Summerlin at (800) 880-9880, ext. 1103.