Citizen Potawatomi Nation’s House of Hope has created a limited edition Pendleton blanket to raise awareness and funds for domestic violence programs. The blanket is the only of its kind to represent domestic violence prevention and education.

“We are really proud of this blanket and what it means for Citizen Potawatomi Nation and domestic violence programs,” said CPN House of Hope Director Tiffany Barrett. “We have created something that wasn’t there and it’s going to be a lasting legacy for the House of Hope program and the tribe.”

CPN House of Hope first reached out to Pendleton in Nov. 2012 after they had received the support of the program evaluators and managers. The blankets were funded by a domestic violence prevention grant aimed at education and prevention. All proceeds from the blanket will go to domestic violence programs in the CPN jurisdiction.

“This was a long process, but we wanted to make sure we created something that would best represent the tribe,” added Barrett. “We looked at several designs and colors before we reached a decision.”

The design in the center of the blanket is a traditional woodland floral pattern and the border represents Potawatomi beadwork and the Potawatomi oak leaf design. The color purple represents domestic violence awareness and the color teal represents sexual assault awareness.  After the design was determined it was sent to Pendleton for an example to be created and then back to CPN staff for approval.

The patch on each of the limited edition blankets is numbered and reads “The delicate beaded florals depict the Beauty of the woodlands. Strength lies within the leaves of the mighty oak. Love grows within the heart. The diamond stands for the treasures of life. Beauty, Strength, Love, Treasure….all woven into threads of Hope”

There are 150 limited edition blankets, which can be purchased at the tribal gift shop at the Cultural Heritage Center for $250.

The blankets can only be purchased through the House of Hope. For more information about the blankets or if you would like to purchase one, contact the House of Hope at 405-275-3176.