Citizen Potawatomi Nation Chairman John Barrett and Vice-Chairman Linda Capps handed over the keys for office space to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol in McLoud, Okla. The office is located just northeast of the Grand Hotel Casino Hotel and Resort and will serve as a rest stop and office space for OHP officers working along the Interstate 40 corridor.

“The Oklahoma Highway Patrol reached out to us and we were more than happy to help,” said Vice Chairman Capps. “We had an unused trailer house at The Grand and knew it would be a great fit for them and something that they could immediately get into and utilize. Whenever someone comes to our tribe and asks for help we are always willing to lend a hand and see what we can do to assist. Having this place for OHP to call their own will only help our relationship with them and strengthen our community.”

OHP’s Troop A patrols the areas surrounding the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, consisting of Canadian, McClain, Cleveland, Oklahoma, Logan, Lincoln and Pottawatomie counties. The group will use the facility for meetings, to complete reports and to take breaks from patrolling.

The office space was used by CPN during the construction of Grand Casino Hotel and Resort. The building has east access to Interstate 40, one of Oklahoma’s major highway systems, a gas station and restaurants.

 “We are so grateful for Chairman Barrett, Vice-Chairman Capps and the people of Citizen Potawatomi Nation to allow us to have a place to work so close to the highway. Having a small work space out here will help us out tremendously,” said OHP Trooper Troy Thompson. “The location right off the highway and having the truck stop right there to fill up on gas and get snacks makes our jobs easier. We are forever grateful for the great deeds that Chairman Barrett, Vice-Chairman Capps and the tribe have given us with the opportunity to be here.”