For the past year, the Cultural Heritage Center’s Tribal Archive and Research Division have been diligently working to transfer the Tribe’s cultural and historical collection catalogs and digital content into a new content management system called CuadraStar. The program will provide a more effective and efficient way to manage and make accessible the archival collections. 

With the Cultural Heritage Center’s active acquisition policy, Archive and Research staff will continually add data to Cuadrastar. Each collection catalog and associated materials are accessible via key-word query, allowing staff and researchers to cross-reference the entire collection. 

“Being the management and research interface for our collections, CuadraStar will become more robust as the archive grows,” said Blake Norton, Tribal Archivist. “With CuadraStar as our platform, our goal is to connect the archive with all tribal members and researchers on and off-site. Utilizing the user-friendly, key-word search engine, CuadraStar is as easy to navigate as Google or Yahoo.”

The archival collections include, but are not limited to historical and cultural documents, manuscripts, maps, photographic and genealogical material, and various forms of multimedia.
“The Tribal Archive and Research Division are employed with preserving and protecting the Nation’s invaluable heritage collections. Providing digital access, while limiting physical contact with many of the sensitive and one of a kind materials, enhances conservation and security measures.” 

Thousands of resources have been transferred to CuadraStar and more are being added daily.  When available, the CHC will provide a URL to CuadraStar, allowing tribal members to access their historical and cultural collections from home. For more information, please contact the Cultural Heritage Center’s Tribal Archive and Research Division.