Citizen Potawatomi Nation offers training and leadership programs and scholarships to help further expand educational opportunities and availability to our tribal members.

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CPN Education Department

The CPN Education Department provides an accessible entry point for college-bound CPN students in search of individualized college advice, scholarship help, or internship information, regardless of age or location.

Potawatomi Leadership Program

The Potawatomi Leadership Program is designed to educate, inform, and encourage qualified Potawatomi students and to develop within the tribal membership at large a more accurate perception of the tribe and its operations.

College Partnerships

CPN is one of the major tribes in United States and the largest employer in Pottawatomie County. The tribe employs more than 2,200 people and manages multiple enterprises. In as much, CPN has a growing need for employees with MBA skills and credentials.


The Tribal Scholarship Program provides financial assistance for payment of tuition for tribal members pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees, vocational technical career courses, or any other accredited education program.

Johnson O'Malley

Johnson O’Malley is a federal grant program for federally recognized Native Americans and it helps native students the same opportunities as their classmates in school. Citizen Potawatomi Nation’s JOM program serves 12 school districts.

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