Citizen Potawatomi Nation offers training and leadership programs and scholarships to help further expand educational opportunities and availability to our tribal members.

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MBA Program

Oklahoma Baptist University and Citizen Potawatomi Nation signed a collaborative agreement between the two organizations to provide a corporate online MBA program for the CPN to offer to its members, employees and constituents.

The CPN-OBU MBA is significant because it is the first program of its kind in the United States. As far as we know, it is the first -in-house MBA program for a major Native American tribe.

CPN is one of the major tribes in United States and the largest employer in Pottawatomie County. The tribe employs more than 2,200 people and manages multiple enterprises. In as much, CPN has a growing need for employees with MBA skills and credentials. While the MBA is typical of what one would expect from Oklahoma Baptist University, both comprehensive and rigorous, it has been carefully tailored to apply to the political, economic and social culture of the CPN.

All of the participants in this program are selected by CPN leadership and screened by OBU. It is a cohort model, meaning all students go through the entire program together and are required to think together in terms of how they can use what they learn to benefit the CPN.

To accommodate working adults, the MBA is as flexible as possible. Course requirements (readings, assignments, exams) are completed in a unique 100% online environment where the MBA candidates are immersed in a virtual reality company called Central Products. OBU faculty supervises, coach and collaborates with the students as they participate (virtually) in the growth and development of the Company. In addition, the CPN assigns mentors from key positions in the tribe to help the students focus on various components tribal management.

An online application is availiable at

Potawatomi Leadership Program

The Potawatomi Leadership Program is designed to educate, inform, and encourage qualified Potawatomi students and to develop within the tribal membership at large a more accurate perception of the tribe and its operations.

Find out more and apply at


The Tribal Scholarship Program provides financial assistance for payment of tuition for tribal members pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees, vocational technical career courses, or any other accredited education program.

Scholarship Information:

  • Undergrad/Vocational: Full Time 12+ Hours; Part Time 1-11 Hours
  • Graduate: Full Time 9+ Hours; Part Time 3-8 Hours
  • Summer Classes: Full Time 6+ Hours for all students
  • Award Amounts: Up to $1,500 Full Time; Up to $750 Part Time

Enrolled tribal members worldwide who maintain good grades and apply in a timely manner are eligible for the program. The office of Tribal Rolls serves as administrator of the Scholarship Foundation. 405-878-5779 or

Student Housing

Student Housing Assistance is a one time $675 per semester funding for fall and spring semesters only.
These are the 3 requirements to be eligible to apply for student housing assistance:

  • Receive the Tribal Rolls full time scholarship of $1500
  • Be attending a bachelor degree or higher
  • Be attending at full time status

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