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Bodéwadmimwen (Mission Statement)

Bodewadmimwen Department nedwendamen gode bmadzejek abjetowat mine kiktowat ode zheshmowen. Ge ninan nedwendemak wje nigan igwan megwa bmadzejek bwa zégzewat eneshnabemwat.

  1. Gzhetomen bkan diyownen bgesh kche medagwendemwat abjetowat gi kkendasjek.
  2. Gkenomagemen “fun” mine bkan kenomagewenen wje bkan bmadzejek. Kekyajek, bmadzejek, penojeyek.
  3. Bmadzejek da kkendasok ode zheshmowen gishpen wase edawat anake bokshkawat.
  4. Gkiktomen ode zheshmowen pene she shena ebmoseyak ode widoktadwen.
  5. Widmoyak Bodewadmik wenek gishpen abjetowat mine neshnabemwat.
  6. Gnebyegemen mine gmesnatekkemen jayek gode nbwakawat ode zheshmowen iw se gode penojeyek bwa dbeshkawat wa je kendemwat ode Bodéwadmimwen.
  7. Nedwendamen  mno widoktadwen mneto mi sa  bmadzejek nedwendemwat ekendaswat da kkendaswat ode zheshmowen.

The Potawatomi language department wants for people to use and speak this language. We want more people as we head into the future to not be afraid to speak Potawatomi.

  1. We develop different tools which we hope students will like and use.
  2. We hold classes which are fun and work with a variety of ages of students.
  3. People can learn the language if they live far away or have monetary limitations.
  4. We speak the Potawatomi language in our community.
  5. We encourage members to learn and use their language.
  6. We record and document all speakers in order to have this knowledge available for future generations.
  7. We want a good community spirit in order so that people who want to learn can learn.

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Justin Neely
Director of Language
Phone: (405) 878-5830

Enedina Banks
Potawatomi Language Instructor
Phone: (405) 878-5830

Ivan Ozbolt
Potawatomi Language Instructor
Phone: (405) 878-5830

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