Citizen Potawatomi Nation donates bus to OBU athletic department
August 22, 2013
Tribal Youth Program secures education funding grant
August 23, 2013

Word of the Week – August 19th

Bozho Ginwa! It’s time for Word of the Week again. This Week’s words are:

Debwéwen (dĕb-way-wən) – The Truth

Sago (sah-gō) – Monkey

*Wég wni tthe estthegéyen (wāg-w-nee-jəh ĕs-chuh-gay-yĕn) – What are you doing (right now)?

Have fun using your language and be safe out there!
The Language Dept.

*the ‘tth’ sound is roughly equivalent to the ‘j’ or ‘ch’ sound in english, be sure and learn them all so you can understand multiple Potawatomi writing styles!