Potawatomi Leadership Program welcomes 10 students for 2015 class: Part II
September 23, 2015
Word of the Week: September 23rd
September 23, 2015

Way Back Wednesday: September 23, 2015 – 19th Century Potawatomi leader Ashkum


In this week’s look into Citizen Potawatomi history, Way Back Wednesday presents an an excerpt from George Winter’s journal regarding ninetenth century Potawatomi leader Ashkum.

“Ash-kum was an orator of some consideration and distinction; he however was not continued in such capacity, when I knew him in eighteen thirty-seven…

“In his speeches he always went into a circumlucutary [sic] historical account of his tribe, and the various treaties made with the government he was very minute, tedious and perplexing, although he had perspicuity of thought, and could clearly express himself…

“Ash-kum in person stood above the middle heighth [sic], and some fifty years of age-perhaps some moons more…. He could not speak much english [sic], though he could make himself amusingly understood…

“Ash-kum was among those old chiefs who retained their prejudices against having themselves portrayed-or from the secret contempt for being remembered among white men through the medium of the pencil. Yet he was amused at others whom I painted, and was ever ready with his spicy joke upon their likenesses.”

– George Winter