Tribal Chairman – John ‘Rocky’ Barrett
March 23, 2018
District 2 – Eva Marie Carney
March 23, 2018

Vice-Chairman – Linda Capps


The Citizen Potawatomi Nation Legislature.

May each of our CPN tribal members and their families be looking forward to a happy and prosperous New Year! Time flies so quickly that we turn around and must get used to writing a new year. No doubt, I make several mistakes in the beginning weeks.

The New Year also brings another CPN election for several of our legislators, including District 5, Gene Lambert; District 6, Rande Payne; and District 7, Mark Johnson. In my last article, I announced that Secretary-Treasurer D. Wayne Trousdale and I both are running for office again.

Last year, as Eva Marie Carney (unopposed), Roy Slavin (unopposed), Jon Boursaw and Robert Whistler prepared for a new election year, I paid for an ad that portrayed a great team of leaders who have worked hard throughout the country to make CPN a first-rate Tribe for its members and an excellent place to live and work.

It is my desire to send that same message to our membership again. I am so proud of our Tribe, the services we provide, the available scholarships, the diligence of our employees and the excellence of our self-determination.

As Honoring Nations Harvard projects have depicted, CPN is a rising star in education, environmental achievement, health and social services, cultural affairs, government performance, economic development — and the list goes on. Our legislators have played an important part of the Tribes’ success for the past 10 years.

My message is once again, keep a good team together!

(Thank you),

Linda Capps
(Black Bird Woman)
405-275-3121 work
405-650-1238 cell