Tribal Chairman – John ‘Rocky’ Barrett
March 22, 2018
District 1 – Roy Slavin
March 22, 2018

Vice-Chairman – Linda Capps


I am pleased to announce my candidacy for the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Office of Vice Chairman during the upcoming election. In addition, I am ecstatic to share that Secretary-Treasurer D. Wayne Trousdale is also running for re-election. That almost seems the proper thing for both of us to do since we have served the Tribe for so many years. I have been in the vice-chairman position since 1990. This is Trousdale’s fifth time to run for office, mostly unopposed.

Our people know the skill set of Mr. Trousdale, his expertise in successfully running a multimillion-dollar business and his adeptness in dealing with financial matters. Mr. Trousdale has equal skills to proficient accounting specialists when it comes to dealing with tribal government finance.

One thing for sure, both Secretary-Treasurer Trousdale and I have an abundance of institutional memory. The glory of institutional memory is that it is shared among members of a group — in our case, the employees, CPN tribal members and even community contacts. Elements of this special memory are important in many areas of an organization and are closely akin to institutional knowledge, which translates historical data into useful knowledge and wisdom.

Christina Hutchison and Edna Blevins. Photo provided

I have other reasons to be pleased, too. This fall I had an opportunity to witness some awesome experiences. One highlight was being part of a birthday surprise for tribal member Edna Blevins, who celebrated her 100th birthday Oct. 7 at the Lawton Indian Hospital community room in Lawton, Oklahoma. It was organized by Christina Hutchison of the hospital and attended by several of Edna’s family members. Her two wonderful sons were present, Tony and his lovely wife from Arizona and James from Verden. Other precious relatives were in attendance also.

Wow! One-hundred years old is very lovely when you are experiencing quality life like Edna. She is a member of the Bertrand and Melot heritage families, both her mom and dad being members of Citizen Potawatomi Nation. When both parents are Potawatomi, I akin that to the maximum of heritage benefit.

A Pendleton blanket and a birthday cake from CPN were presented to Edna. She is a delight to know, and it was a privilege to me to be part of such a prestigious birthday celebration. This celebration was my sixth within two years for those who are 100 years old and older. There were three in Oklahoma, one in Kansas, one in Texas and one in Arkansas.

That is, indeed, amazing!

Brooke, Jackie, Jaycee and Billie Gamble. Photo provided

Tribal member Jackie Gamble and his wife Billie live in Seminole. Their youngest daughter, Jaycee, has recently committed and signed to play softball for the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma (USAO).

Jaycee is a senior standout for Maud, Oklahoma, located in Seminole County. The senior hurler had a perfect mentor for her softball career with older sister Brooke, a first base star herself a few years ago at Seminole High School.

Brooke is now doing her student teaching in Maud, as a biology major. In addition, she is working with the coach for fast and slow pitch softball.

Softball is a family affair for the Gamble family, as Jackie Gamble is also helping out with Maud softball. As is readily understood, Jackie was a great little league coach for his daughters. Gamble has worked for CPN since Nov. 22, 1999. He is presently the Assistant Director of Construction.

All who know Jackie and work with him at CPN can vouch to the fact that he does an excellent job in the construction business.

(Thank you),
Linda Capps
(Black Bird Woman)
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