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May 2, 2013
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May 6, 2013

Wadase Zhabwe update: May 2013 (early)

Bozho Nikan,

Recently we went out to track Wadase and see how she’s doing. We’ve been thankful for the cooler weather, because we knew it would help her to stay around the area.

So far the data we are getting from the telemetry is invaluable and we have been able to see where she has explored and where she is frequenting. We were surprised she made it north to the river and decided to venture away. We think she may not be great at catching fish as of yet and went looking elsewhere for food.

Using what we knew about the previous set of GPS coordinates, we went out looking for signs that she had eaten any food we left out for her near her last sighting. We were surprised to find a great marshy pond area where we are getting multiple GPS points back.

We also found eagle down and rabbit fur, so we took a GPS record of the spot and continued looking. We get new GPS data from her transmitter about every two and a half to three days and by the time we got back to the house new data had come in. One of her GPS points recorded put her almost right on top of the GPS we recorded in the field at the sighting of what we hoped was her catch. So, we know with almost absolute certainty that this was her and that we had been within 1500 yards of her at 2:00pm that day.

Check back for more updates in the future.


Jennifer Randall, CPN Aviary manager