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CPN member Phil Quinn talks about his new novel, Release Point, It’s a story about high school girls’ fast-pitch softball and lessons learned. There’s bad blood between the Dooleys and Blackhawks. Charlene Dooley and Raven Blackhawk, one a pitcher and the other a power-hitting catcher, are rising stars in their sport of fast-pitch softball. The combative girls collide during a hotly contested game as pre-teens, leaving Raven injured and unable to compete for several years.

Despite her impairment, Raven continues working in the barn at home and develops into an amazing pitcher while Charlene is the talk of the softball community as she pursues High School All-American status. But things change when Raven decides to make a comeback her junior year of high school as Charlene starts her senior year.

Fearful of not passing her sports physical, the entire student body rallies behind Raven and attends her eligibility hearing with hilarious results. But this isn’t their only concern. Disillusioned after consecutive losing seasons, not enough girls want to play softball at Raven’s school, forcing the administration to consider canceling the season. To the delight of fans, a surprising group of girls comes to the rescue, filling the vacant roster spots. As high school upperclassmen, Raven and Charlene lead their teams to undefeated regular seasons, setting up a winner-take-all showdown in the state championship game that attracts ESPN and a national audience.

As the game concludes, the girls resolve their life-long conflict -and the game- in a shocking way that leaves the reader amazed and inspired.

Release Point is a must-read for any player, parent, coach or fan of fast-pitch softball – or any youth sport. Learn more about it at!/release.point.3.

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