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January 22, 2013
The Native American Speaks: 2006
January 24, 2013

The Native American Speaks: 05-23-10

In segment #1, CPN members Ken Peltier, Marsha Sims, and Kimberly Vandeburg discuss the May 10 tornado that destroyed Sims’ and Vandeburg’s homes near Shawnee, Oklahoma’s Twin Lakes and the assistance they have received from the CPN, local churches, and other people.

In segment #2, Independent Opportunities, Inc. CEO Theirl Jarman discusses proposed Oklahoma government funding cuts for assistance for Oklahomans with developmental diabilities. CPN member Marilyn Morton, an IOI executive, is lobbying the Oklahma legislature to limit the impact of the proposed budget cuts. Morton has asked that Oklahomans call their legislators to help in the battle to prevent crippling funding cuts.

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