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January 22, 2013
The Native American Speaks: 2006
January 24, 2013

The Native American Speaks: 04-03-11

On Wednesday, March 30, the University of Oklahoma Journalism School hosted the “New Media in Indian Country: New Ways of Storytelling” seminar. The seminar featured sessions on: The Collision of Old and New Media; New Media Tools to Promote Language and Traditional Culture; and Tribal Communications Beyond the Tribe. There was also a keynote speech at lunch, delivered by Geoffrey Blackwell. Mr. Blackwell is in charge of the Federal Communications Commission’s new Office of Native Affairs Policy. He is a Mvskoke (Creek) and is from Holdenville, Oklahoma.

On “The Native American Speaks,” we present long excerpts from the session on “New Media Tools.” The first excerpt will feature Roy Boney Jr. and Joseph Erb of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma Education Services. They will explain how they are using new media –Facebook and texting in the Cherokee language, securing use of Cherokee as a language in which Google searches can be made- to enliven use of the Cherokee language. Her are, first, Roy Boney then Joseph Erb. We also present Jason Salsman, a Mvskoke who originated and co-hosts the Mvskoke (Creek) Nation’s television program, “Native News Today,” on a Tulsa network affiliate TV station on Saturday afternoons

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