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January 22, 2013
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January 24, 2013

The Native American Speaks: 03-11-12

Guests are CPN Utilities Director Richard Kunze and Dale, Oklahoma Schools Superintendent Charlie Dickinson. Kunze describes the work of Rural Water District #3, which he oversees, including bringing the first-ever flowing water to Dale and the Sale schools in April 2009. Dickinson says that, because Dale’s water wells could not supply sufficient water pressure for adequate fire suppression sprinklers, Dale residents could not expand their school facilities in a growing school district.

With the advent of water from RWD #3, Dickinson says, Dale schools have a new cafeteria, which doubles as a severe storms shelter for more than one thousand people and as a community center for Dale. He says the new cafeteria has significantly increased the number of students who eat breakfast and lunch at the school and has contributed to enhancing the attitude of Dale students, teachers, and staff members.

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