Office of Environmental Health

The Office of Environmental Health mission is to increases the health status of Native Americans to the highest level by providing safe drinking water systems and sanitary sewage and solid waste disposal services.

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O.E.H. Department

41707 Hardesty Rd.
Shawnee, OK 74801


(405) 878-4672


More Information

The Office of Environmental Health offers these services:

  • Drilling water wells on home sites
  • Connecting homes to rural water
  • Installing septic tanks
  • Providing maintenance for existing facilities.

Services must be installed at the primary residence only. The applicant is responsible for the regular maintenance and care of the facilities installed at the site. The process of obtaining services requires time for processing the applications, approval, and design of facilities, scheduling, and construction. The initial processing begins when a completed application is turned in with a copy of the warranty deed, tribal membership card and verification the home is their primary resident and in one of the five counties served by OEH. The counties are Pottawatomie, Cleveland, Lincoln, Logan and Oklahoma. The service proved is a onetime service which is funded through Indian Health Services. The process of obtaining services requires time for processing the application, approval and design of facilities, scheduling and construction.

There is a one year warranty on the services provided through the program. After the one year is done, the homeowner is responsible on the maintenance on their water and/or septic service. Each participant is given training on the type of system received for the proper care.