The CPN Department of Education now administers the consolodated CPN Tribal Scholarship via a user-friendly, online Education Portal.

Starting Fall 2016, the CPN Department of Education will administer the CPN Tribal Scholarship, a consolidated version of what was previously the Tribal Rolls, Housing, and Higher Education Scholarships. The Tribal Scholarship Program provides financial assistance for payment of tuition for tribal members pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees. Enrolled CPN tribal members who complete application criteria will be eligible to receive up to $2,000 (full-time status) or $750 (part-time status) per semester.

Tribal Scholarship deadlines

  1. Fall Scholarships
    1. Application opens: July 15 at 8:00am
    2. Application closes: Sept. 15 at 5:00pm
  2. Spring Scholarships
    1. Application opens: Nov. 15 at 8:00am
    2. Application closes: Feb. 15 at 5:00pm
  3. Summer Scholarships
    1. Application opens: March 15 at 8:00am
    2. Application closes: June 15 at 5:00pm