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PLP adds new counselor Isaac Morris for 2015

During the Tribe’s six-week Potawatomi Leadership Program a counselor, typically a former program participant, accompanies attendees on their day-to-day activities. Longtime counselor Austen Roselius, is stepping down in order to pursue medical school. Taking his place is 2014 alumnus Isaac Morris of Ada, Okla. The Hownikan spoke to Morris ahead of his new duties this summer.
On his Potawatomi heritage…

“I am from the Bergeron family, which traces all the way up the tree to the Melott family.”

On reflection what stood out to him about his time in the PLP…

“This is a tough one because there were various things that I had no idea we would be able to do while at this program. The most notable one would have to be getting to spend the afternoon with Chairman Barrett as he explained what the headquarters used to look like back in the late 1970s. What really got me was when he brought out the famous photo of the headquarters with the three cars in front back in the 1970s. He even took us to the exact spot where the picture was taken and told us where everything was compared to how it is today.”

On becoming a counselor…

“I actually did not apply for the counselor position. Instead I was asked if I would be interested in taking the position for this summer’s PLP. I decided to take the position because I love what this program does for the youth of our Tribe, in that in prepares them and opens their eyes up to various careers either within the Tribe or outside of it. It also brings out the leadership skills and even improves upon them in all of the participants.”

On his perspective as a 2014 PLP alumnus…

“The perspective I will bring, I feel, will be of someone who understands what it is like to go through the program since I just went through it last summer. Also, being from Oklahoma, with the Tribe’s headquarters so close, I could bring the perspective of what it is like having your culture and heritage so close to home.”

 “The staff members can give a perspective on what it is like to work there all year long, while I can give the perspective of what it is like to only get a summer to take advantage of all the learning and cultural opportunities that the Tribe offers.”

“I am so honored to be asked to be the counselor, and I look forward to an amazing summer.”