Uncovering the history of Columbus

The United States celebrates Columbus Day — also recognized as Indigenous Peoples’ Day — on the second Monday in October every year, and the holiday further perpetuates false narratives.

Becoming a Cowboy

All-state athlete Trevor Martin has impressive arm as a right-handed pitcher, and his performance throughout high school gained the attention of several schools, including Oklahoma State University.

CPN and City of Shawnee sign historic cooperation agreement

Leaders from the Citizen Potawatomi Nation and City of Shawnee announced the launch of Shawnee Aligned, a new initiative wherein the two governments will seek opportunities to collaborate for the betterment of the Shawnee community.

Treaty of Fort Wayne, the War of 1812

On Sept. 30, 1809, Potawatomi, Delaware, Miami and Eel River tribal leaders signed the Treaty of Fort Wayne, which included ceding approximately 3 million acres of land in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan for 2 cents per acre.

Park project educates on empowerment

The Hands Are for Helping project educates youngsters on the importance of playing safely without violence. It was developed to help assist parents teach their children the best ways to overcome conflict without a physical altercation.

Exiled refugees connect on the prairie

After removal west of the Mississippi, the Potawatomi utilized the limited available resources to survive. The Tribe’s expedition to present-day Missouri and Iowa put them in first-hand contact with other groups also experiencing displacement, including Mormons.