FireLodge Tribal youth update: January 2016
January 22, 2016
CPN Veterans report: January 2016
January 26, 2016

Language with Justin: January 2016

Weather Terms: Traditionally when a storm approaches, we take a pinch of tobacco in our left hand and say a prayer asking the Creator to watch over us. We then place that tobacco on the north side of a tree, or, if we are near water, we might place it in the water. They say not to put your tobacco down somewhere someone might walk on it. Whatever thoughts and feelings you are contemplating, they go into that tobacco. You don’t want someone walking all over your prayers.

Our Winter Story Telling event is next month, Feb. 24, 2016 from 6-8 p.m. inside the CPN Cultural Heritage Center. There are certain traditional stories which we are only supposed to tell in the winter time. We will have an evening of sharing some of some of these tales in February.

  •  Ni je ngom zagech? How is the weather? (Nee juh nGome Zah getch)
  • Jigwék bmosewat – The thunders are walking. (jeeg wack buhmosay what)
  • Gmowen – It’s raining. Or, Gméya mget. (Gmoe win or gmay yahm get)
  • Menwaté – It’s a bright sunny day. (men wahtay)
  • Jigwékya – It’s thundering. (Jeeg wack yah)
  • Ksenya mget – It’s cold. (Kuh sin yahm get)
  • Mno gishget – It’s a nice/good/beautiful day. (Minoh geesh get)
  • Bkwe ne – It’s hazy/smokey. (Bkway nay)
  • Zidekiwen – The ground is frozen. (Zee duc kee win)
  • Boni mget – It’s snowing. (Bone eem get)
  • Pamponget – Its flurrying/lightly snowing. (Pahm pone get)
  • Noden – It’s windy. (No din)
  • Neawen – Warm weather/ mild weather. (Nay ah win)
  • Wensiwen – It’s foggy. (Win see win)
  • Bidankwet – Clouds are approaching. (Beed an kwet)
  • Tké yamget – It’s cool. (Tkay yahm get)
  • Zigbisa – It’s a downpour. (Zeeg bee sah)
  • Wawyasto – Tornado! (Wow yahs toe)
  • Jigwe meyew – Rainbow or mdemose ngwagen. (Jeegway me yow, mdumb osay ngwah gin)
  • Myash gishget – Bad weather. (Myash geesh get)
  • Gwankwet– It’s cloudy. (Gwahn kwet)