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September 17, 2018
2018 PLP participants discover CPN
September 18, 2018

Language update

By Justin Neely, Director of the CPN Language Department

Jeshek neyap ngi-byamen ode bodewadmi mawjeshnowen. Manek bmadzejek gi zhyek ode zheshmowen mawjeshnowen. Gi kedwik neyew wak bmadzejek egi nebyegewat. Wenet ewabmegwa nikanek mine nkweshkwegwa shke bmadzejek. Ngi- yatsoke ode gete yatosokan mdemose yewak i mkekok ezhnekadek.

Gaga she wi wepta mget ode shke bodewadmimwen kenomagewen.

Nishwabtek shech nswe minke gises neyew gishgok mine gme neyew gishgok nash mdatso shech nyanen giwse gises.

Cho wnendeken ewabdemen jesh bodewadmimwen gego egi zhetoyak.

Odejo pi wenet eweb kkendasyen gde zheshmomenan.

We just got back from the Potawatomi gathering. A lot of people went to the language conference. They said 400 people signed in. It was good to see friends and meet new folks. I told an old story, The Old Woman in the Box. See the English and Potawatomi versions online here:

Our intermediate course began Aug. 23 and finishes on Nov. 15.

Don’t forget to look at the many Potawatomi language things we have created. Right now is a good time to start learning our language. Try our self-paced course online at