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Healthy habits: Tips for jumpstarting your New Year’s resolution to lose weight

Many of us will make the promise to slim down during 2014, but where do we start? CPN Fitness Center fitness trainer Sarah Lawrence offers some tips to make that resolution a reality.

What are some good exercises for beginners trying to lost weight? 

Walking is a great exercise. If you have bad knees or hips, sitting in a chair and air boxing is a great cardio exercise. The most important thing is to increase your movement.  For example, if you are going to an appointment that is on the second floor, take the stairs to increase your activity level.

What are some exercises/tips for those who are too busy for a long workout? 

If you have a 10-15 minute break at work, use that time to walk around the building, march in place or do 10 exercises for a minute each.

What is a realistic expectation for weight loss? 

In the beginning of weight loss, loss of inches comes before loss of pounds. When the weight loss starts, a realistic goal is one or two pounds per week

How do you avoid giving up on your resolution after just a few months? 

Working out with a buddy will help keep you motivated You can always have an accountability partner and you can cheer each other on to your goals. Remember, you do not have to change all of your habits. Just be one percent better today than you were yesterday. Slow and steady will help you achieve your goals.