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June 26, 2017
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June 27, 2017

Festival 2017 competition top finishers

Did you make the cut? Get ready for next year!

Traditional Hand Games winners:

Cody Jensen

Lyle Simmons

Jerry Correy

Kareen Martin

Sherry Whitehead

Browning Naddeau

Sarah Reiser


Men’s Compound Bow

1st – Bo Green

2nd – Stacey Coffey

3rd – Harold Smith


Men’s Traditional Bow

1st – Lloyd Smith

2nd – Jared Jones

3rd – Zach Tabor


Women’s Compound Bow

1st – Ginger Blackmon

2nd – Amber Coffey

3rd – Jessica Burt

Women’s Traditional Bow

1st – Natalie Phillips

2nd – Denese Bower

3rd – Leslie Simeka


Men’s Dance

1st – Lyle Simmons

2nd – Sam James

3rd – Justin Neely


Women’s Dance

1st – Candace Painter

2nd Margaret Zientek

3rd – Reva Wolf



1st – Gary Lena, Monroe Carbitcher, Rhianna Wood, Miskee Cornelious, Jimpsey Fish, Ezekieal Carbitcher, Better Tiger, Sheila Howell

2nd – Mike Moore, Brandon Moore, Jessica Nightingale, Blake Nightingale, Hunter Capps, Kristen Sweet, Josh Sweet, Josh Franzoni

3rd – Trevor Hubble, Brock Hubble, Jared Hubble, Shawn Hubble, Kevin Hubble, Stacy Robson, Cheryl Robson, Jamie Hubble


Professional Art Competition (by vote of the people)

Laura Winestein Hewuse


Art Competition – Other Category

1st – Reva Wolf

2nd – Sierra Watermanweis

3rd – Jim Brenner


Art Competition – Painting/Drawing

1st – Rachel Winn

2nd – Betty Simecka

3rd – Ada Novak


Co-ed Basketball

1st – Peltier 3

2nd – Kennedy

3rd – Peltier 4


Men’s Basketball

1st – Peltier 2

2nd – Navarre 1

3rd – Peltier 1



1st – Buckmasters

2nd – Outlaws

3rd – Curly Crew


Golf – A-Flight

1st – Team Motley, Lawerance, Lawerance and Peltier

2nd – Team Weddle, Kieffer, Patten and Patten

3rd – Team Gray, Gray Dailey and Rasure


Golf – B-Flight

1st – Team Murray, Kelly, Ledgerwood and Schmidlkofer

2nd – The Hubbles Team

3rd – Team Smith, Smith, Bradford and Sale



1st – Aaron Rhodes

2nd – Bud Jeffery

3rd – James Brenner



1st – James Broyles

2nd – Teresa Tipton

3rd – Hyale Smith



1st – Larry Kichler

2nd – Matt Pore

3rd – Caleb VanVacter


Fry Bread Making Competition

1st – Cathy Wamego

2nd – William Wamego III

3rd – Robert Wamego Sr.


Pool Tournament Winners


1st – Thomas Kellough

2nd – Donnie Bruno

3rd – Dalton Swearingen


1st – Landon Kellough

2nd – Aden Bruno

3rd – Madison Kaminski