FireLake Foods


Store Hours

We have taken action to ensure that we’re able to provide a safe shopping environment. We have limited store hours so that we can deep clean the store and re-stock shelves. We strive for retail excellence. Right now, we’re asking for your help to achieve that.

FireLake Discount Foods

6 a.m.- 10 p.m

FireLake Express Grocery Tecumseh and FireLake Express Grocery McLoud

Inside hours 7 a.m.- 10 p.m., Drive thru hours 6 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Shopper Limit

It’s important that our customers have enough space to shop safely in our stores. We will actively monitor and, when needed, limit the total number of people inside our stores. If metering is needed, an employee will help guests to a designated waiting area with social distancing markers. Each store may have one entrance and one exit.

Social Distancing

For your safety, and the safety of our employees, we ask that you please follow CDC guidelines and maintain proper social distancing throughout the store. Pleas maintain at least 6 feet of space between you and other shoppers.

On The Go

We have added “On the Go” for orders of 15 items or less. We’re asking you to please reserve these spots for people who meet the high-risk category defined by the CDC. If you do not meet these criteria, please add 16 items to your cart to determine the next pickup time. We are experiencing high demand for this service, so please allow several days for orders. Visit to place an order.

We are experiencing an increased demand for On the Go orders. We have added staff to respond to this demand, but you may still experience a longer than usual time between your order and the next pick-up time.

Express Orders

Express orders are an option made available for customers who are considered “high risk” by the CDC. When an order is started, and the basket size is 0-15, the customer will see the first available pick-up time for Express orders as shown below. When the basket size exceeds 15 items, the system will update to show the first available “traditional” order pick-up time.

Traditional Orders

When a customer is shopping and they exceed 16 items in their basket, they will be shown the first available pick-up time for a traditional order. They can schedule this time at checkout if the slot has not been taken by another customer trying to checkout at the same time.

Notify Me

“Notify Me When Ready” is an option that is available to allow customers to pick up their order when it is ready regardless of any scheduled times. This option bypasses the schedule and will put your order in the first available pick up slot that becomes available regardless of day/time. It is very likely that the order will be available much sooner using this option if the customer is committed to picking it up when it is ready.

Product Availability

We have seen increases in demand for products, which has created temporary shortages in some items. Our main grocery supplier is currently out of hundreds of items that we typically carry. We are working around the clock to make sure we have products available. This means that we’ve reached out to suppliers that we don’t normally use and began carrying items that we don’t normally carry. Doing this has allowed us to keep items on the shelves for our customers.

While we are working to ensure that we have products available, you will see fluctuations in our prices. As a local grocer, we know you place significant faith in us. We do not take your commitment lightly. We are doing everything possible to keep our prices low during this time.