Riggle named Gates Scholarship recipient

In April 2020, Riggle received the news that The Gates Scholarship organization selected him as one of 300 minority students from across the country for the prestigious program.

Hownikan Podcast: May 2020

This episode is all about COVID-19. Tribal members around the world tell us how their lives have been affected and changed. We’ll also talk to CPN’s lead doctor heading the Tribe’s efforts against COVID-19.

Living through COVID-19 pandemic in Croatia

Tribal member Tesha Spitzer and her husband, Igor, live in Zagreb, Croatia, the nation’s capital. The Tescier family descendant moved to Croatia from California nearly 20 years ago, and the two have experienced the COVID-19 pandemic near some of Europe’s most hard-hit countries.

Virus causes upheaval in Citizen Potawatomi lives

The Hownikan spoke with several Citizen Potawatomi whose lives, work and studies have been directly impacted since governments across the U.S. took measures to slow COVID-19’s spread.

Potawatomi pilot chosen for 2020 Rose Bowl flyover

Stealth bomber pilot and flight instructor Zack Ziegler flew 1,000 feet over the crowds at the Rose Bowl Parade and football game on Jan. 1, 2020. Only a few pilots are chosen for the honor each year.

Woodworker uncovers beauty in nature’s defects

Tribal member Kevin Roberts made connections with farmers and companies across the Midwest to obtain material he reclaims into benches, charcuterie boards, end tables and more for his business, Migwetch Mtek Designs.