Wimer brings broad experience to information technology operations

As Citizen Potawatomi Nation continues to grow, so does the number of computers on which it relies. The need for information technology professionals like Chad Wimer increased, too. He began working for the Tribe as a help desk technician in July. Wimer is part of the IT department at the Nation’s administrative building near Shawnee, Read More »

Mr. McCool: Mild-mannered CPN information security analyst Sam McCool delivers boisterous beats

Sam McCool joined the Nation full-time in June as an information security analyst, promoted from his internship serving in the information technology department. “My job mostly consists of securing the information technology infrastructure.” He simplified a complex definition into three words: digital data security. He wrapped up his last semester at the Oklahoma State University Read More »

IT department helps deliver interactivity to new Heritage Center exhibits

Staff at the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Cultural Heritage Center is using modern education techniques to captivate younger visitors touring the newly remodeled museum. While the renovations at the center aren’t complete, significant progress has been made toward making the exhibits interactive. Thanks to the CPN Information Technology department, all of the work has been done Read More »

Tribal member Linda Arredondo joins I.T. Dept

Linda Arredondo. As an employer of more than 2,200, Citizen Potawatomi Nation’s government and commercial enterprises require the latest quality of technological offerings across its wide array of services. Few companies in the private sector have experienced growth like CPN, meaning a small team of information technology professionals work tirelessly to keep digital systems online Read More »