FireLake Wellness Center celebrates 20 years

FireLake Wellness Center celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Its doors opened on Oct. 3, 2003, with the mission to “provide professionally designed and responsibly supervised physical fitness activities for Native Americans.” The center continues to provide high-quality health and wellness services to the community, and the staff hopes to for years to come.

FireLake Wellness Center 20th Anniversary

It’s our birthday! Join the FireLake Wellness Center for celebrations in honor of our 20th anniversary including cake, prizes, Some Like It Tot food truck, and more!

CPN sponsors Native American wellness event

The Native American Fitness Council held a conference at the Grand Casino Hotel & Resort so participants could receive certifications in medical conditions and exercise. FireLake Wellness Center employees attended the conference and received certification and FLWC looks forward to future partnerships with NAFC.

Hownikan Podcast: Family farm, elders and holistic wellness

During this episode, we’ll hear tips and tricks for keeping family heirlooms safe, take a ride on an exciting new piece of equipment for CPN’s industrial park, and visit an exhibit highlighting Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Wellness Center offers employees holistic health

Whether someone is starting from scratch, or they are an experienced fitness enthusiast, Leslie Cooper said the CPN Wellness Center is ready to help Tribal employees meet their fitness goals.

Maintaining fitness goals in 2022 despite challenges

Many people start a new year with self-improvement and fitness goals in mind. However, the cold weather often puts a chill on motivation. There are still several ways to maintain your fitness momentum into 2022.

FireLake Wellness Center update: May 2020

Even though FireLake Wellness Center closed on March 17 due to the COVID-19 crisis, staff is still working diligently to clean the facility from top to bottom.

Harvest Hustle 5k registration open

Diabetes is a chronic disease effecting many Native Americans. The Harvest Hustle was created to help educate people on this devastating illness and promote health and awareness.

Improving wellness across Indian Country one client at a time

For Tribal member and Personal Trainer Jessie James Whitney, personal efforts to live a balanced life inspire him to help others develop healthy habits. Whitney teaches a group fitness class every Friday at noon and has scheduled client appointments throughout the week at CPN’s FireLake Wellness Center.