Smith family history

To highlight some of the CHC’s archive’s holdings, the Hownikan is featuring photographs and family history of every founding Citizen Potawatomi family. This article traces the Smith family from an 1823 voter list from Michilimakinac County, Michigan, to the 1887 Oklahoma allotment roll.

Slavin family history

From their humble roots in Ireland, the Slavin family forebears were among the many Irish immigrants who sought independence and stability in the United States. Together, with their Potawatomi relatives, they withstood numerous challenges to help establish a firm foundation for the Citizen Potawatomi Nation in Oklahoma.

Nadeau family history

The Nadeau family, from its beginnings in France, to its early years in Michigan, overcame unfathomable challenges in Kansas and Oklahoma. From these foundations, they have built a rich legacy for their descendants and generations yet to come.

Lewis family history

The Citizen Potawatomi Nation’s Cultural Heritage Center provides resources to keep the Tribe’s history safe and accessible for generations to come. One key way the Nation does this is through the CHC’s archives and video interviews. The Hownikan features histories of founding families each month. This article traces Wesley Lewis through freight hauling and service in the U.S. Army to his family’s impact on the establishment of present-day Wanette, Oklahoma.

Higbee family history

The Hownikan features history of the Higbee family as a part of a series highlighting archival holdings on founding families.

Hardin family history

The Hownikan features photographs and family history of the Hardin family as a part of a series highlighting archival holdings on founding families.

Frapp family history

The Frapp’s association with the Tribe began with the marriage of John B. Frapp and Josette Wilmette, the daughter of Archange Chevallier and Antoine Wilmette (Ouilmette), who were early residents of present-day Chicago.

Crumbo family history

The Potawatomi Crumbo family is full of stonemasons, Navy members, artists, filmmakers and more.

Clardy family history

According to family records, “Joshua E. Clardy, also known as ‘Judge’ Clardy, was with his family one of the first settlers of Potawatomi County, Oklahoma.”

Bourbonnais family history

The Bourbonnais and Potawatomi link begins with Catherine — Catish — Chevalier, a French-Potawatomi woman, and French-Canadian Francis Bourbonnais Sr.