CPN Veterans Report: May 2015

Bozho, Attention Veterans! There are changes in VA Health Care Eligibility! Effective 2015, the Department of Veterans Affairs has eliminated the use of net worth as a determining factor for both health care programs and co-payment responsibilities. This change makes VA Health Care Benefits more accessible to lower-income veterans. Instead of combining the sum of Read More »

CPN Vets Report: April 2015

Bozho, Attention Reservist Veterans. Many reservists who served as crew members, flight nurses and maintenance workers from the 1970s to the 1980s on aircraft previously used to spray Agent Orange defoliant as part of what the military called Operation Ranch Hand during the Vietnam War were considered ineligible for Health Care and Disability Benefits. However, Read More »

CPN Veterans report: March 2015

Bozho, At our January CPN Veterans meeting, we elected our new officers, or should I say, re-elected our “new” officers. I, Daryl Talbot, was re-elected commander for another three years. Bill Wano was re-elected as secretary and David Barrett was re-elected our treasurer. Both have done an outstanding job in the past and I believe Read More »

CPN Veterans Report: February 2015

Bozho, On 28 December 2014 the CPN Veterans Organization lost another valued member and former commander, Joe David Melott, walked on. He will be greatly missed by friends and family. January was the month of officer elections for the CPN Veterans Organization. The results will be in the next veterans report. However, there are several Read More »

CPN Veterans report: January 2015

  It has been another good year for us, but as we enter the New Year of 2015, we also remember those members of ours who have walked on. We closed out our 2014 with the annual Veteran’s Christmas Party at the North Reunion Hall. As with most of our meetings, conversation between friends and Read More »

CPN Veterans report: December 2014

Bozho, Though it has passed, November is the month for Veterans. The time to remember, recognize them, and say thank you. The CPN Veterans Organization Color Guard had a big parade in Wewoka that combined the Veterans with their Sorghum Festival. I believe it was the largest parade we have ever marched in. It was Read More »

CPN Veterans report: November 2014

Bozho, The U.S. Military is made up of five organizations that instill pride in their members because of history, mission, capabilities and respect earned in the service of the Nation. That pride is seen in the customs, courtesies and traditions of the military service. Customs are established practices of things you should or should not Read More »

CPN Veterans report: October 2014

Bozho, The CPN Veterans Organization lost another active and beloved member on August 6, 2014 when Max Baer Wano walked on. He was a career U.S. Navy veteran and one of our most supportive members as a member of the Color Guard and Honor Guard. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends, Read More »

CPN Veterans report: September 2014

Bozho, The CPN Veterans Organization’s Honor Guard performed an honor service for one of our members recently, Kenneth Peltier, who Walked On in July. He was an active member of the CPN Veterans Organization and will be greatly missed by his family and friends. The CPN Veterans Organization’s Color Guard has been active presenting the Read More »