A rising tide lifts all boats

Whether it’s employing tens of thousands of Oklahomans, providing law enforcement in rural communities, or bringing in federal funds to pay for road paving, Oklahoma’s tribal nations contribute greatly to our shared communities.

Strict CARES Act fund disbursement guidelines remain confusing for Indian Country

Under guidance issued by the Treasury in June, state, local and tribal governments are allowed to use CARES Act money to provide direct cash assistance to their constituents. However, the disbursal of the funds requires documentation directly related to COVID-created needs, such as increased internet bandwidth to support teleworking or distance learning.

Tribal members CARES Act funds expire Dec. 30, 2020

Citizen Potawatomi Nation is urging Tribal members 18 and older to apply for the Tribal CARES Act programs before Dec. 30, 2020. All Tribal members 18 and older are eligible to apply, regardless of location.

Hownikan Podcast: August 2020

Two CPN staff members join this episode to discuss critical resources their departments offer, including CARES Act funding. We also hear from artists who cultivated a unique art exhibit that brings 12 Citizen Potawatomi and Anishnabe artists together for a spark of beauty during a pandemic.

COVID pandemic more than a health concern

As Citizen Potawatomi Nation continues to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, the crises poses a threat to more than just the health of Tribal members and CPN employees. Tribes, and the states and regions benefiting from tribal development, must endure the threat to economic activity as well.