Navarre’s Great Lakes regional influence still stands today

A cabin built by South Bend’s first European settler, Pierre Navarre, sits in northern Indian. As a fur trader and American Fur Company agent, Navarre built relationships with the Potawatomi and married Kis-naw-kwe, the daughter of a Potawatomi headman.

Bourbonnais Cabin closed summer 2018

The Bourbonnais Cabin is a culturally significant home located on Tribal land near the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Cultural Heritage Center. The Nation usually allows tours and welcomes visitors inside during the Family Reunion Festival each summer, but this year it is closed. Given the cabin’s cultural significance, Tribal staff are reviewing repair suggestions and maintenance Read More »

The Bourbonnais Cabin

Just off the north edge of the FireLake Golf Course’s driving range, near the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Cultural Heritage Center, sits a log cabin that looks as if it has appeared straight out of an old Western movie. Built in 1881,outside of what was then called Shawneetown, the cabin was first owned by store owner Read More »