Bruno family history

Each month leading up to June, the Hownikan will feature the history and background of each scheduled honored family selected for the 2021 Family Reunion Festival, including the Bruno, Darling, Hardin, Higbee, Lewis, Nadeau, Slavin and Smith families. The first in this series is the Bruno family. Like many French-Canadian settlers with ties to the Potawatomi, the Brunos were once successful fur traders and trappers.

The Mad Tatter takes over tattooing in Shawnee

The Mad Tatter celebrated its two-year anniversary at the end of October, and in that time, people took notice. Inspired by the 1951 animated film, Alice in Wonderland, the tattoo shop’s interior boasts textured walls, bright colors and a different theme from the movie in every room. “We wanted to make it like you fell Read More »