Clinics provide primary care services to eligible infants, children, and adults. Immediate care is provided by exception, and patients requiring emergency care are stabilized and transported to a nearby hospital emergency department. Patients requiring specialty care, ambulatory surgery, or inpatient care are referred to area providers with whom the Tribe has professional service agreements or contracts.

Primary Care

Citizen Potawatomi Nation East Clinic provides primary care services to eligible infants, children, and adults


Citizen Potawatomi Nation offers dental care at its East Clinic, including preventative care, teeth cleaning, annual exams, and routine dental work.

Public Health

CPN clinics offer immunizations, patient education, and blood pressure, blood sugar, and TB screenings.

Behavioral Health Services

CPN offers behavioral health services including counseling, substance abuse counseling, smoking cessation classes, and marriage counseling.

Optometric Services

Citizen Potawatomi Nation offers optometry services including eye exams, vision screenings, and glasses.

Pharmacy Services

Citizen Potawatomi Nation offers pharmacy services at its East and West clinics and also provides mail-order pharmacy services to CPN elders.

Chiropractic Clinic

Citizen Potawatomi Nation’s Chiropractic Care Clinic offers full-service chiropractic care. Provided services include the evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, spinal manipulation, electrical muscle stimulation (E-Stim) therapy, decompression therapy, and hot/cold pack therapy.

To make an appointment, patients can call the Chiropractic Care Clinic directly at 405-695-6285.

Physical Therapy

Citizen Potawatomi Nation West Clinic provides physical therapy services to eligible patients. The physical therapy department provides skilled evaluation and management of muscle, bone, and nerve dysfunction—including pain in all body regions, dizziness, deficits in activities of daily living, physical performance, and general wellness.

To make an appointment, call the PT department directly at 405-695-6004 or speak with their primary care provider.

Additional Information

Citizen Potawatomi Nation also offers a full-service lab, X-ray, medical records, ultrasound, and cardiology services.