Becoming a Cowboy

All-state athlete Trevor Martin has impressive arm as a right-handed pitcher, and his performance throughout high school gained the attention of several schools, including Oklahoma State University.

Exiled refugees connect on the prairie

After removal west of the Mississippi, the Potawatomi utilized the limited available resources to survive. The Tribe’s expedition to present-day Missouri and Iowa put them in first-hand contact with other groups also experiencing displacement, including Mormons.

Potawatomi in the White House

Charles Curtis was the first person of color to serve as the United States’ second in command. A citizen of the Kaw Nation, he became the nation’s vice president in 1929 under President Herbert Hoover. Lesser known is Curtis’ Potawatomi lineage.

Get in on the “action”

The offerings at Quail Ridge Sporting Clays provide a fun way to pass time with indoor and outdoor event space. The state-of-the-art facility in McLoud boasts 36 clay pigeon shooting stations and a Wobble Trap.

Two-needle applique ring tutorial

CPN member Stormy Hunter stressed that there are several approaches to beaded applique, and the tutorial featured here reflects the best method for her personal style.

Burnett descendant wins $125,000 Dr Pepper scholarship

Out of more than 100,000 entries, CPN member Tate Lewis became one of six students to participate in the head-to-head contest. For the final round, Dr Pepper invited him to its headquarters in Frisco, Texas. There he met company employees and executives and competed in a 30-second football-throwing challenge.