Mdamen program prepares for 2023 session

The Citizen Potawatomi Nation Department of Education is accepting applications for the second session of Mdamen, the Tribe’s new leadership program that helps participants establish and maintain a strong connection to their Potawatomi heritage. The application period opened on October 1 and closes November 15.

Poet uses Indigenous values to help connect to Mother Earth

Higbee family descendant Kelli Harper is a poet, herbalist, garden designer, educator and doula. She has self-published Atlas: A Poetic Guide for the Fernweh Spirit. She was inspired to write the book during her own journey to reclaim Indigenous practices.

The Treasure Box

Lakisha Meade, CPCDC Grants and Finance Coordinator, writes about the success Tribal member Michelle Whitson and husband Trent have experienced with their Stroud, Oklahoma, business called The Treasure Box through the CPDCDC’s assistance.

Small steps can help consumers cope with inflation

The U.S. inflation rate recently hit a 40-year high, leading many Oklahomans to ask themselves what they can do to stay afloat during challenging financial times. James Boggs, president of community banking at First National Bank & Trust Co. writes about steps consumers can take to cope.

Big Heart Woman

Jeannie Wamego Van Veen tells of her experience becoming a teacher and advocating for teachers as a part of the National Education Association.

Logsdon chosen for regional Federal Reserve Bank board

Citizen Potawatomi Community Development Corporation Director Cindy Logsdon began 2022 with a new three-year appointment as a member of the Community Development Advisory Committee for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

Margaret Zientek named Workforce and Social Services director

With her attention always on the needs of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation and its members, Margaret Zientek has already hit the ground running as the new Workforce and Social Services department director. She spoke with the Hownikan about her work with Workforce programs and advocacy at the federal level to improve them, as well as her involvement with the Potawatomi Leadership Program.

Reducing stigma in mental health treatment

Dr. Julio Rojas, psychologist and licensed alcohol and drug counselor at CPN Behavioral Health, discusses factors contributing to stigma surrounding mental illness and addiction, and advocates for comprehensive and compassionate care.

Potawatomi tradition influences Montana artist

Tribal member and artist Riley Wolery will host his second art show in Billings, Montana in May 2022. Wolery works in a number of styles, and draws inspiration from Potawatomi tradition, other artists, nature and music.