Hownikan Podcast: Water and women

Environmental studies and sciences professor Barbara Wall loves, researches and teaches about water from an Indigenous perspective.

Oklahoma City musician tells complex story through song

Citizen Potawatomi Nation tribal member Jesse Alan Horn epitomizes a working musician, balancing playing shows and putting in the effort to secure each gig. Horn is in the process of releasing his first album, BOLO.

Tribal member leads nuclear deterrence squadron

In May 2022, Tribal member Brooke H. Desrochers took charge of Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron 4, stationed at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City. The role is a prestigious honor and the culmination of this Anderson family descendant’s 20-year Naval career.

Hownikan Podcast: October 2022

This episode explores the history and complexities of the simple dish of fry bread and features a CPN photographer who traveled North American to capture Potawatomi from all 9 Nations in regalia.

Nurse practitioner, world traveler

Tescier family descendant Christine Munoz values the chance to be a part of service to her Tribe as advanced practice registered nurse. She enjoys the holistic approach to preventative care that CPNHS provides, as well as the professional support from other nurses, doctors and staff. When she’s not caring for patients, she’s traveling the globe!

Tribal member finds calling caring for wildlife

Tribal member Kaylee Almand has shown a love for animals since she was a small child, and as she finishes her junior year at Tarleton State University, she is one step closer to her goal of becoming a veterinarian. Her experience includes exhibiting goats and lambs in high school, and working with deer at Sierra Mesa Ranch.

Photographer releases legacy project highlighting Tribal members, history

Photographer Sharon Hoogstraten spent twelve years photographing members of the Potawatomi nations across North America dancing in their regalia to create an heirloom book, Dancing for Our Tribe. The book documents Potawatomi regalia as a “current art” while also telling Potawatomi stories of the past and present. She hopes it will inspire tribal members to create their own regalia.

Meet your host: behind the scenes of the Hownikan Podcast

September 30 is International Podcast Day, established in 2015 to celebrate the power of podcasts to tell stories and connect listeners around the world. Hownikan Podcast host and producer Paige Willett shares what it takes to produce a podcast, and what inspires her about podcasting.

Bourassa descendants preserve and repair homes

Bourassa descendant Ty McBride and his sister Jimmie Hodgkins use the latest technology and draw on their grandfather’s teachings to repair homes in cost effective and environmentally friendly ways.

Kind Collections owner finds confidence through CPCDC

Hannah Muller is a member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation and the thoughtful owner of Kind Collections. Through the support of the CPCDC, Muller recently expanded her embroidery business into a steady income for her and her husband.