Language update: March 2022

This month’s update from CPN Language Department Director Justin Neely discusses the winter storytelling event held in March and tells the story of Wiske mine Zisbakwet (Wiske and Maple Syrup).

Hownikan Podcast: March 2022

This episode explores Potawatomi spring traditions, visits the Potato Dance World Championship and shines a light on Epilepsy Awareness Day.

Language Department offers in person and online resources

In 2021, the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Language Department once again began offering in-person classes after more than a year of virtual learning due to the pandemic. Since many Tribal members live across the country, they continue to use online platforms during every session. Tribal members find connection through in-person and online offerings, and pass on what they learn to their families.

Language Update: February 2022

CPN Language Department Director Justin Neely gives a language update for February 2022 which discusses course work at Shawnee Middle School and teaching at the CPN Child development center.

Hownikan Podcast: January 2022

During this episode, we visit with an author about her new book that tells stories from a Tribal elder’s childhood, a domestic violence prevention specialist about National Stalking Awareness Month and a historian about the 155th anniversary of the last treaty CPN signed with the federal government.

Bodéwadmimwen now offered to Shawnee Public Schools sixth graders

Citizen Potawatomi Nation’s Language Department began offering Potawatomi classes to public school systems in 2017 after the curriculum met Oklahoma state standards for a world language credit. The department expanded to Shawnee Middle School in 2021. At the beginning of the academic year, it presented sixth graders the option to take Potawatomi as a 9-week elective course.

Language update: January 2022

The January 2022 Language update from CPN Language Department Director Justin Neely discusses Potawatomi language courses in area schools, on-going classes by the department, children’s book efforts, and more.

Hownikan Podcast: December 2021

During this episode, we visit Bodéwadmimwen classes that are in-person again. We also talk to a Tribal member with experience in the Oklahoma film industry as a costumer and hear from the Oklahoma Gaming Industry Association Chairman about its recent history and future.

Language update: November 2021

This month, the CPN Language Department discusses their newest classes, the expansion of offerings in public schools, and its online resources as well as a prayer for Thanksgiving.

Language update: October 2021

The CPN Language Department discusses their classes offered in public school districts and language learning resources available to everyone, everywhere.