Potawatomi language learning tips

Although mastering the language has its difficulties, picking a few words and using them with younger generations helps ensure Bodéwadmimwen stays alive and strong for years to come.

Language update: October 2020

In the October 2020 update from the CPN Department of Language, director Justin Neely gives many online resources to work on learning the language from home.

Language update: August 2020

The Potawatomi language is mainly in the form of verbs. Even many of our nouns come from verbal forms.

Language update: July 2020

The July 2020 update from the CPN language department includes a fun set of words and phrases from Jim Thunder, one of the last first language speakers from Wisconsin.

Language update: June 2020

Make sure you are taking advantage of the online language sources we have available during this time at home.

Language update: May 2020

During this challenging time, it’s important to know that you have lots of opportunities to learn your language online.

Language Update: April 2020

Language Department Director Justin Neely highlights his team’s work creating online content and where Tribal members can learn language from the comfort of their home.

Language update: March 2020

The monthly update from the CPN Language Department includes a look back at the 2020 Winter Storytelling event from February, upcoming translations and the men’s drum group’s progress.