Sovereign Bank President and CEO Bryan Cain now represents Citizen Potawatomi Nation and bankers across the state as the Oklahoma Bankers Association Chairman. He accepted the position at the annual OBA convention on May 10, 2023, as part of the association’s awards ceremony at the Embassy Suites in Norman. Cain was selected by committee as the organization’s leader for the next year.

“I consider it a great honor. And it’s very humbling … I think of the people in the industry that have been chairman previous to me, and they’re people I’ve always held in high esteem because they’re brilliant. They are amazing at their craft,” he said.

Cain first joined the OBA more than 15 years ago and now has more than 20 years of experience in the banking industry. He became the head of CPN’s bank in January 2020 and oversaw the company’s rebranding to Sovereign Bank earlier this year. He also oversaw the Tribe’s purchase of The First State Bank in 2021, which expanded Sovereign Bank’s customer reach. The merger increased its assets to more than $700 million.

Cain’s appointment is the second time the head of the Nation’s bank has also served as OBA chairman. He has also served as the organization’s vice-chairman and government relations committee chair.

Headshot of Sovereign Bank CEO Bryan Cain wearing dark suit and red tie
Sovereign Bank President/CEO and Oklahoma Bankers Association Chairman Bryan Cain

Cain said the OBA’s purpose in a modern world is to “build better bankers” through education, industry advocacy and security. In turn, he believes community banking improves the lives of its customers by helping them meet their financial goals.

“(Community banks) make the first car loan. They make the first home loan. They give scholarships. They donate money to non-profits, to little league. They donate their time and their energy to all these different functions and civic organizations. And when you really take all of that in context, I think the amazing part to me is … they are the catalyst for the American dream,” he said.

The OBA began in 1897, more than 125 years ago and prior to Oklahoma statehood.

“The 25 bankers that gathered in Oklahoma Territory at that time, they gathered for a shared purpose and shared goals for increased communication between each other and in their industry to support one another through these difficult times and lean on each other,” Cain said. “I think that’s the beauty of the organization, and that’s what I cherish is that through this shared purpose that we create a stable financial network in the state of Oklahoma for our customers and for the state.”

As the leader of Sovereign Bank, he utilizes OBA resources by sending employees to their many trainings on banking regulations, better practices and lending, among other subjects. As OBA president, he looks forward to visiting the organization’s membership to listen to their needs, networking with industry leaders across the state and sharing ideas on how to best improve banking practices — all while representing the Tribe.

“I feel like it’s an honor to serve in this position because hopefully it brings light to our ownership and it brings light to the Citizen Potawatomi Nation in a way that’s good,” Cain said.

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