While stigma regarding utilizing therapy has decreased, many myths about it as a treatment and the experience itself remain. Dr. Julio Rojas is a Licensed Health Service Psychologist and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor for Citizen Potawatomi Nation Behavioral Health Services with decades of experience helping clients overcome trauma, addictive disorders, substance abuse and improve their quality of life with psychotherapy. He believes discussing therapy as a tool is one of the best ways to tackle myths and stigma to treatment.

“Therapy can takes on any number of shapes and sizes. … You can’t always talk to family. You can’t always talk to friends. You can’t always talk to your church family. So it helps to have someone sort of out of the loop that can really bring some expertise and provide things to consider that the person had maybe not considered,” he said.

Find CPN Behavioral Health Services online at cpn.news/BH or by phone at 405-214-5101.

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