Dubbed by many as “golf with a shotgun,” the offerings at Quail Ridge Sporting Clays provide a fun way to pass time with its tree-lined trails and meadows and indoor and outdoor event space. The state-of-the-art facility, nestled off of McLoud Road north of the FireLake Express McLoud, boasts 36 clay pigeon shooting stations and a Wobble Trap. The Citizen Potawatomi Nation’s collaboration with Quail Ridge Sporting Clay highlights the Tribe’s dedication to economic growth across its jurisdiction.

“In my eyes, we work together really well,” Quail Ridge Shooting Sports owner Brian Hughes said of his partnership with CPN. Quail Ridge sits on Tribally-owned land near Interstate 40. The prime location provides easy access for travelers, and its vast offerings make it one of the most sought-after facilities of its kind in Oklahoma.

“It’s like a shooter’s paradise,” Hughes said. “You load your gun, call pull and here it comes. You can shoot all you want. There’s all the fun without the labor.”


Clay shooting evolved from using live pigeons to manmade, bright orange targets that a machine discharges into the air to simulate bird hunting. Participants aim to break the targets with shotguns, and Quail Ridge updates its courses up to several times per month to keep patrons engaged.

“Just like golf has a different background and different difficulty level, our machines are on trailer, and we move them around frequently,” Hughes said.

The Wobble Trap mimics quail hunting and is great for warmups and beginners. The facility’s north and south courses feature numerous stations along the two trails that mirror bird hunting in the field and require varying degrees of skill to master.

While patrons can walk, golf cart rentals deliver a fun, fast way to travel from station to station.

The facility welcomes group events of all sizes. Whether a fundraiser, corporate get-together, bachelor party or more, Quail Ridge provides customization for the best experience. An indoor meeting space and outdoor entertainment area can accommodate a variety of needs, and staff are ready to help coordinate catering and other event-planning aspects.


“All you see is a bunch of violence and stuff anymore. It’s part of our job to show you that violence is not related to the guns, it’s related to the holder,” Hughes said.

For those not familiar or comfortable with shooting sports, one-on-one training from professionals, including former Olympians, is available. Instructors can also help seasoned individuals hone their craft.

“We do classes that are a little more personal, a little smaller and more individual, one-to-one,” he said. “We also do clinics for any of the teams that are interested.”

To help keep all patrons safe, Quail Ridge instructs customers to treat every gun as if it is always loaded and requires all participants to keep their actions open when not actively shooting to prevent misuse.

“The firearm is rendered unusable and can’t fire with the action open,” Hughes said.

Quail Ridge also has other requirements and restrictions. Find a full list of safety steps at cpn.news/rules.

Hughes encourages families, corporations, church groups, nonprofits and more to checkout all his business has to offer.

“Most of our customers end up being friends when it’s all said and done,” he said. “When they come out, they’re out here to have a good time and shoot.”

Patrons must have a gun, ammo, safety glasses and ear protection. Staff also recommend bringing a range bag, shell bags and shot guns sleeves. For pricing and more information, visit quailridgeclays.com. Schedule an event by calling 405-964-5550.